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Girls on the road always have to take bathroom breaks... Sounds familiar right? Takes up tons of time, time that you could have spent working on your erection. So it's time to go do something about it! Let's just slide the boner through a hole in the wall of the women's toilet and see how the girl inside reacts...
Suzanne is dying for a pee but fortunately the petrol station is still open. She gets a fright when a dick appears through a hole in the wall and hits it with her lollypop. She does get turned on however and she sticks the largest of the two in her mouth. Then she lets herself be fucked out of her mind. Another lick and then this beauty sucks the candy bar completely empty.
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School's just out and Kamila makes a piss stop at a petrol station. She enjoys the short rest and want to phone her boyfriend to tell him she will be a little later when she sees a dick appearing. Twice she pushes the thing aside but the third time she can't resist anymore and starts jerking him off and sucking him. Then she takes the dick in between her tits and lets herself be fucked hard.
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Director's secretary is on her way to a meeting and stops on the toilets to powder her face. A dick appears through a hole. But instead of getting a fright she pulls the balls out too! When a second dick appears there are no holds barred. While she jerks the first one off the second one impales her. Just spray her with some juicy eyeliner and it is back to work!
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A brunette is applying her make up on the toilet when suddenly her mouth falls open in amazement... There's a big dick sticking though the wall! Her first reaction is to push it away but the cock keeps coming back. Somehow it seems to excite her. She takes it deep into her throat and then has herself fucked outright. It's going to be white eye shadow today!
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Girls on the road always have to take bathroom breaks... Sounds familiar right? Let's just slide the boner through a hole in the wall of the women's toilet and see how the girl inside reacts...

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